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Hi Everybody,

This is to let you know that I have now retired from teaching pottery and will only continue making pots for my own use only after more than 40 years.

A sad time but I am off to pastures new and will be now moving to Buckinghamshire end of March where I will be setting up my new GLASS workshop teaching FUSED GLASS & STAINED GLASS.  This is to be near my daughter and son.

My new workshop address will be:

4 Manor Farm Courtyard,
Manor Road,
HP22 4QP
Work: +44 (0)7989 695021 | Home: +44 (0)1296 296462

I will post photos of new workshop when ready for you to see.

I thank wholeheartedly all my students for the pleasure I have had in teaching them over the past 22 years in Minehead. (of which there have been hundreds). And more recently, fused glass. The results you can see on my Facebook page if you click on the “f” link on the left.

I have helped to set up many of them with their own workshop and kilns so that they can enjoy the pleasure of pottery for as long as they wish.  I am sorry to leave them all now just as they are blossoming into the most talented potters I have ever had.   Remember though, I am on the end of a phone any time you need a little help or advice and of course you can also email me any time, when I will do my best to answer any questions.

I wish you all the best,

Fondest wishes,




Introduction to Maureen's new Kiln Formed Glass Classes

Glass is a most exciting material to work with.  It can be fused, tacked and slumped. The wonderful colours using either transparent or opaque glass can be used to make the most lovely articles of beauty and joy. She uses only Bullseye glass 90CoE and accessories to ensure compatibility and has been trained using the Bullseye Glass methods.

With the introduction of dichroic glass, glass frit, stringers and confetti glass, it has given the maker a wider variety of choice to enhance their work in a very creative and unique way.

Also the use of non glass inclusions i.e. copper foil/mesh/wire, silver leaf, gold leaf, glassline paper  (designed with various textures and colours for glass inclusions),  glassline bubble effect,  glassline paints etc.

You will be shown how to get the best effects with demonstrations and samples of completed pieces to give you ideas.

The world is your oyster regarding the design and effects you can add to your work to make it unique to you.

Why not give one of Maureen’s one day courses a try and see what lovely items you can be proud to say you have made. Maybe bring a friend to join you.

For glass courses and availability see left hand side of page "Kiln Formed Glass" and various links.

All of Maureen's pottery and glass is hand made in Somerset.
Contact Maureen if you wish to view and buy current pottery for sale.
Read more about the Somerset Potter and her work in About Maureen.
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