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Memorial Plaques

Have you thought about having something handmade, original, beautiful and unusual for your loved one, then this maybe what you are looking for.

These memorial plaques are ideal for the Garden of Rest. They are made in the finest stoneware clay on the wheel with a 'stalk' so they can be placed in an empty metal flower vase. They are heavy enough not to be displaced by the wind and will withstand the extremes of weather conditions.

For extra security the vase container can be cemented in place and then the 'stalk' of the memorial plaque placed in cement inside the flower container.

The precious metal (gold) has been fired in the kiln and will not come off. They are approx 9" diameter and come in various colours. The centre of the plaque can have the initials of your loved one or a simple cross if desired.

Sizes: approximately 9" diameter
Made from stoneware and decorated in precious metals (gold)
Price £95.00 each

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